Covid-19 Guidelines For All Attendees

As part of Making of Champion’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all attendees of the 3rd MoC Grand Prix in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, kindly note that the following measures and precautions are required to be followed at all times prior to and/or for the duration of the event.

Athletes intending to travel from outside of Nigeria for the Event should ensure that they adhere to the current COVID-19 protocols for entering Nigeria which can be found on the Nigeria International Travel Portal website by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The COVID-19 Guidelines on location during the 3rd MoC Grand Prix shall be as follows:

  1. Unfortunately, there will be NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED at the 3rd MoC Grand Prix on Wed March 31st 2021. The only attendees who will be granted access to the venue (and who must keep their accreditation badge or competition bib with them at all times – as may apply) are:
    1. Event Officials, Staff, Volunteers, Security & Medical Personnel
    2. Sponsor & Partner Officials, including Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Federal Ministry of Youth & Sports, and Lagos State Government agencies personnel
    3. Media platforms who have prior signaled their intention to attend & whom we have accredited
    4. Select registered Athletes who will be invited to reconfirm their attendance and do so when prompted (after registration closes on Friday 19th March and no later than Friday 26th March)
  2. All reconfirmed Athletes must pick up their running bibs by Monday 29th March (the day before the Event begins). Specific pick-up locations and time slots will be sent to each Athletes participating, so as to reduce crowding. All other attendees will receive their accreditation badges by Monday 29th March.
  3. It is MANADATORY that each attendee wears a face mask to cover their nose and mouth throughout the event, except for Athletes when they are warming up, competing or recovering from their events. Anyone who is unable or unwilling to do so may be escorted off the premises if needed.
  4. All attendees must practice social distancing, and keep at least 6 feet between themselves and others where possible. Athletes must not gather in crowds before or after they compete.
  5. Attendees should NOT shake hands, high-five, fist bump or hug during the event. Athletes should refrain from any post-event celebrations that would flout these social distancing guidelines.
  6. Accredited Media must adhere to all on-location guidelines for Videography, Photography & Interview Mixed Zone positioning. All Athlete Interviewers must wear their face masks and keep at least 6 feet between themselves and the Athletes they interview. Members of the Media must not crowd together during Athlete interviews.
  7. All attendees should bring and use hand sanitizer frequently during the Event. Hand Sanitizer will also be provided at specific points (Hygiene Stations) at the venue for the duration of the event.
  8. All technical officials, medical personnel, security, event staff and volunteers WILL wear their face masks (and where appropriate, latex hand gloves) for the entire duration of the Grand Prix.
  9. Particularly, all volunteers involved in the handling of water and refreshments to the Athletes and other attendees WILL wear their face masks and use latex hand gloves throughout these tasks.
  10. All shared objects and equipment would be cleaned and disinfected between uses.
  11. All areas in and around the venue WILL be properly disinfected at the start and finish of each day of the Grand Prix.

Please note that these guidelines may be updated as the situation evolves.

We thank you for your cooperation. The health and safety of our athletes, coaches, officials, sponsors, partners and all other participants is our highest priority.

For additional questions, please reach out to us on

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